Mental health matters in organisations of every size

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Mental health matters in organisations of every size

Mental health is a hot topic in the news agenda at the moment and it’s an important issue that organisations of every size need to take seriously. In a recent article for Business Matters, UK EAPA Chair, Andrew Kinder, takes a look at SMEs and considers their options to minimise the impact of mental health on their business and employees.

“As an employer you’re not in a position where you can control all elements of an employee’s life, influencing what happens in and out of the workplace, for example. But there are a number of things you can change or introduce to have a positive influence on employees’ mental health. These include an individual’s workload, the type of work they’re being asked to do, the culture of the organisation and also ensuring that open and two-way communications take place wherever possible. Sometimes a temporary adjustment of work-load can make a big difference,” said Andrew Kinder.

“Ultimately you need to accept that mental health isn’t an issue that you’re going to ‘solve’ for your organisation or your employees. Many different factors can trigger a mental health issue and with one in four of us facing mental health problems at some point during our lifetime, it’s important that strong plans are put in place to support those who are suffering so that support is available and the negative impact that mental health has on your most valuable asset is minimised,” he adds.

Want to find out more? You can read the full article here.

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