16% of employers don’t offer mental wellbeing education or support

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16% of employers don’t offer mental wellbeing education or support

Research by Employee Benefits and Staffcare reveals that 16% of employers do not offer any form of mental wellbeing education or support for employees. The research, which surveyed nearly 300 employers earlier this year, also showed that 20% of employers do not provide any such support around physical wellbeing.

According to Neil Mountford, chair of the UK Employee Assistance Professionals Association, the turbulent world we’re living in is a call to action for this 16% of employers to make an investment in their workforce’s mental health and wellbeing.

“Issues such as sickness absence and declining productivity as a result of mental health issues mean that organisations need to make the most of tried and trusted systems, such as EAPs and occupational health services, that can minimise the impact of the unpredictable situations and incidents that can happen both in and outside of the workplace.

“EAPs have been repeatedly proven to help people identify and cope with the personal or work-related issues that are at the root of their mental health distress and as such can help to reduce sickness absence, improve mental wellbeing and ultimately contribute to the bottom line in terms of organisational productivity.”

Want to find out more about the Employee Benefits / Staffcare Benefits Research 2017? Just go to https://www.employeebenefits.co.uk/issues/benefits-research-2017/employee-benefitsstaffcare-benefits-research-2017/.

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