EAP Resources

EAP Resources

UK EAPA has published a range of documents and guides to assist with the commissioning or delivery of EAPs, as well as to discuss issues relating to EAPs and wellbeing in the workplace.

EAP Research report: The evolution of employee assistance: investigating the use, impact and reach of EAPs in today’s organisations (November 2016) – the UK EAPA’s summary report of research commissioned by The Work Foundation.

EAP Market Watch Report (2013) – The first EAP Market Watch Report presents an overview of the reach and coverage of EAPs in the UK today.

EAP Guidelines (2012) – This comprehensive document provides information and advice on issues relating to EAP commissioning, delivery and evaluation.

EAP Buyers Guide (2011) – This guide is designed for organisations that wish to commission a new or review of an existing EAP and includes information on the type, format and remit of EAPs.

UK EAPA Research Summary: the effectiveness of EAP counselling interventions



EAPA Factsheets

UK EAPA Factsheet – Managing traumatic events in the workplace (January 2018)

UK EAPA Factsheet – Mental health in the workplace (June 2017)

UK EAPA Factsheet – Domestic Violence and EAPs (2014)

EAPA newsletters

UK EAPA Newsletter – Issue 1 (March 2014)

UK EAPA Newsletter – Issue 2 (October 2014)

UK EAPA Newsletter – Issue 3 (February 2015)

UK EAPA Newsletter – Issue 4 (July 2015)

UK EAPA Newsletter – Issue 5 (December 2015)

UK EAPA Newsletter – Issue 6 (March 2016)

UK EAPA Member Newsletter – Issue 7 (June 2016)


For the latest information on the tax status of EAPs, please refer to the HMRC website.


UK EAPA Branch Bylaws (adopted March 2014)

Guidelines for EAP Audit & Evaluation

UK EAPA Standards Framework (updated November 2015) – Please note that this document was recently revised. This version replaces previously published versions of the UK EAPA Standards.

UK EAPA Complaints & Disciplinary Procedure (August 2015)

UK EAPA Code of Ethics (updated 2014)

Counsellors Guide to working with EAPs (2014) – A Guide that covers the clinical and commercial aspects of EAP delivery, as well as the practicalities of working as a counsellor in an EAP context. It also offers some hints and tips for affiliate counsellors to support their work with providers.

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