Membership criteria


Membership criteria

The UK EAPA has a number of membership categories that individuals and organisations can apply for, as listed here.

Please note the membership subscription rates for the UK EAPA have increased from 1 January 2017. All new membership applications and membership renewals from this date will be subject to the new rates.

Registered Provider Member (£1350 per annum)

This category is open to companies that provide EAPs to other companies and will be a company registered in the UK. Internal providers will provide a service to its own company (a company registered in the UK).

Non Registered Provider Member(£550 per annum)image5

This membership grade is open to EAP providers (Internal or External) that do not wish to be Registered Providers or who are unable to satisfy the Association’s requirements for registration.

Consultant Member (£330 per annum)

This category is open to EAP consultancy organisations, healthcare intermediaries and brokers.

Associate Member (£165 per annum)

Members in this category include companies specialising in subjects relevant to EAPs such as alcohol and drug services; health advisory services; financial, debt and legal services, and helpline services that are relevant to the workplace.

Individual Member (£50 per annum)

This grade of membership is open to people working in the field of employee assistance and is broken down into: Counsellor / Trainer, Operational Practitioner and Consultant.

Student Member (£25 per annum)

This category is open to anyone studying in an area relevant to the field of employee assistance who wishes to learn more about the practice of EAPs before moving to a higher membership grade.


For more information on the criteria for each membership category, as well as current membership subscription fees, please download the current membership information pack below:

UK EAPA Membership Application Form

UK EAPA Membership Criteria Information

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