UK’s global wellbeing ranking drops from 3rd to 8th place, says new study

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UK’s global wellbeing ranking drops from 3rd to 8th place, says new study

Wellbeing in the UK has dropped behind that of India, Thailand, China, Spain, UAE, Indonesia and New Zealand according to Cigna’s annual 360-degree wellbeing survey.

The study takes into account five main components of people’s sense of wellbeing, including physical health, family and social lives, finance and work. UK employees who took part in the survey felt their position in each area had declined during 2016, with more than half (53%) reporting they did not have a good work / life balance due to growing workload pressures and little or no assistance from health schemes.

Interestingly, one-third of respondents (32%) felt their workplace wellness programme matched their needs and of the respondents who had an employer-sponsored wellness programme, more than half (54%) felt it increased employee engagement.

“The impact that poor negative work / life balance can have on an employee’s mental wellbeing is significant and we should acknowledge the role that employee assistance programmes (EAPs) can play in helping individuals to address this, helping to reduce sickness absence, improve engagement and ultimately contribute to the bottom line in terms of organisational productivity,” commented Neil Mountford, chair of the UK EAPA.

You can read more about Cigna’s research here.


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