97% of employers are offering an EAP, says new research

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97% of employers are offering an EAP, says new research

An Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) is part of nearly every (97%) employer’s strategy to support mental health in the workplace, according to the latest Employee Benefits / Health Shield Healthcare research.

The survey of 121 employers earlier this year highlighted that line managers are considered by many to play a key role in supporting the mental health of employees, although notably just one-third (34%) of respondents’ organisations were offering specific training for line managers to do this.

Alongside EAPs, other sources of support in the workplace identified in the research include on-site occupational health (32%) and specialist counselling services (36%).

Interestingly, 27% of employers also have employee networks or champions in place to support mental health in the workplace, helping to break down stigmas associated with mental health issues in the workplace and encouraging conversation about these problems.

Commenting on these research findings, Neil Mountford, chair of the UK Employee Assistance Professionals Association, said:

“As the overwhelming majority of employers in the UK have recognised, EAPs can play an important role in promoting a healthy attitude towards mental health among employees and line managers. The fast-track access available to clinical support via the EAP enables those affected by mental health issues to get support in a confidential setting. The EAP can also equip individuals and line managers with strategies to deal with mental health and the confidence to discuss mental health problems with colleagues and their managers.”

You can read the full research here.

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