Unspoken workplace expectations creating stressed employees

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Unspoken workplace expectations creating stressed employees

With new research indicating that unspoken workplace expectations are putting pressure on employees to adopt less balanced lifestyles and leading to higher levels of stress at work, there is a clear need for employers to promote a more positive work / life balance among their employees and offer accessible and professional solutions to minimise the causes and impact of stress in the workplace.

“Employee assistance programmes present a practical solution for organisations to address many of the issues arising from this research. Having an independent, confidential and accessible service for employees that gives them the opportunity to discuss situations, experiences and issues that are causing them stress and impacting on their work / life balance and productivity can help to reduce feelings of pressure and reassure individuals that there is a solution to the feelings they have,” commented Neil Mountford, chair of the UK Employee Assistance Professionals Association.

This research, from Bridge by Infrastructure, surveyed 1,000 office workers: 78% thought that working more hours was at least a moderately important factor in getting promoted, as was ‘engaging in workplace politics’. To read more about the research and its findings, click here.

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