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UK EAPA publishes guide for counsellors working with EAPs

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The UK EAPA has published a new guide to support counsellors working with Employee Assistance Programmes.


The ‘Counsellors’ Guide to working with EAPs’ discusses the clinical and commercial aspects of EAP delivery, as well as the practicalities of working as a counsellor in an EAP context. It also offers some hints and tips for affiliate counsellors to support their work with providers.


Neil Mountford, Vice Chair of the UK Employee Assistance Professionals Association, who has led the development of the Guide, said:


“The Guide has been developed to offer practical guidance and information for counsellors and psychotherapists who are already working with EAPs, as well as those who wish to begin work in this area. It’s important to remember that every EAP provider works slightly differently and will have their own processes and procedures for delivering counselling to their clients. This means it’s not possible to create a definitive guide for counsellors to work with EAPs, but the subjects covered in this new UK EAPA publication certainly address the principal issues that any counsellor should be aware of.”


You can download a copy of the ‘Counsellors’ Guide to working with EAPs’ from the UK EAPA website.

New EAPA President writes to UK members

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In a letter to UK EAPA members, newly elected EAPA President, Lucy Henry, calls for all members to take responsibility for the employee assistance profession and work together to grow the industry.


Dear UK EAPA members


It is with great humility that I step into the role of President of EAPA. In taking on this role it is my desire to see our Association grow and become much more inclusive to our members outside of the US.


The theme of this year’s EAPA Conference in Orlando was Imagine and in my President’s speech I asked those present to think about who influenced them to become a part of this Association and what that meant to them. I ask you to do the same.


Our profession is changing and unfortunately we are losing members and not bringing in new members. I believe we can truly thrive as an Association but every person has to take responsibility for this. We need to be initiating conversations with younger professionals and we need to talk to them about belonging. I know that for me when I became a part of EAPA I found a home. I know that you did as well. We are a community in how we love and support each other. We are here for one another in the good times and the bad. Let’s imagine the great things we can do when we have new voices and creativity that moves us forward. As we move forward to a new day let us celebrate all that we have experienced and let us celebrate what lies ahead. All things are possible to us if we imagine and believe.


I look forward to continued conversations with you and hope to see the UK Branch grow and thrive in the days to come. Please feel free to contact with me questions or comments at any time. My email is


Thank you for what you give to our Profession. My best to you!


Lucy Henry


UK EAPA welcomes first national waiting time targets for mental health

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Steps announced last week by the Government to support improvements in the delivery of mental health services is an important move towards enhancing the mental health of the nation, says UK EAPA.


“Ensuring those who are experiencing mental health distress can quickly access appropriate services is vital to supporting their recovery, as has been demonstrated by the employee assistance industry in recent years,” says Andrew Kinder, chair of the UK EAPA.


Research conducted by the UK EAPA in partnership with CORE IMS (2012) confirmed the effectiveness of workplace counselling through EAPs to support and promote employee health and wellbeing and reduce levels of psychological distress in the workplace.


EAPs have always provided quick access to treatment, as shown by the UK EAPA study of 28,000 clinical interventions which demonstrated EAPs offered speedy interventions which minimised the time individuals are required to wait for professional support. In fact, the study indicated that on average 92% of EAP clients were accepted for treatment in just nine days.


It also highlighted that 80% of EAP clients were estimated to have completed their counselling intervention with 70% of those people demonstrably showing recovery or improvement following their counselling intervention.


“The success of EAPs when it comes to getting employees back to work quickly following incidents of mental distress supports the Government’s intentions to guarantee treatment for those needing talking therapies and counselling from next year. It’s a model that has worked successfully in the EAP industry for over twenty years and ensures that nearly 14 million people in the UK today can receive the psychological help them need exactly when they need it most,” said Andrew Kinder.

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