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Supporting employees who have experienced trauma

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Supporting employees who have experienced trauma

Recent high profile incidents have served as a reminder to employers that it’s not just events in the workplace that can have a negative psychological impact on employees. In an article for HR Magazine, UK EAPA Board Member, Eugene Farrell, encourages HR teams to review the support they have in place for staff in the aftermath of such incidents so, if the worst does happen, appropriate and flexible support is on hand as soon as it’s required.

EAPA’s September 2015 Branch Meeting welcomes Mark Brayne as guest speaker

Written by Vicky Mulchinock on . Posted in News

Mark Brayne: Practical Tips from Hard-Won Experience in Dealing with Client Trauma

The UK EAPA is delighted to welcome Mark Brayne as guest speaker for its September 2015 Branch Meeting. Mark is a fine example of a true professional, proving that previous careers can provide a solid foundation for building a reputation as a sought-after trauma specialist.

You have to be a professional to be able to cope with trauma effectively. But what kind of training and experience is really appropriate?   Do the new trauma classifications of DSM-V and the forthcoming ICD11 really help us to deal with trauma? They may be useful for formal diagnosis, but are we more effective?

Mark is now an accredited Consultant with EMDR Europe, and rather self-deprecatingly describes himself as a “jobbing psychotherapist”, having worked through the 70s, 80s and 90s as a journalist and (at one time) prominent BBC foreign correspondent, before embarking on a new professional career working in the area of stress and trauma.

Mark attributes at least some of his success in this new field to his experience covering two decades of the Cold War, and the turbulent collapse of communism in Eastern Europe from 1989 through the 90s.

Mark will draw on this experience to explore rewarding ways of working with complex trauma, not just the big stuff but especially also the small trauma of bad childhood attachment experiences, and that even in the often tightly constrained space of EAP work.

Prepare to be enthused for Attachment-Focused EMDR in particular, and the linkages Mark will make with latest understandings of brain science,

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