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The importance of measuring outcomes

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The importance of measuring outcomes

In the latest issue of ‘Counselling at Work’, UK Employee Assistance Professionals Association Board Secretary, Amanda Smith, talks about the important issue of measuring outcomes.

“Depending on your professional background and theoretical orientation, you may embrace outcome measurement or remain resistant to reporting. Increasingly, organisations, both within and outside of the primary and secondary tier healthcare settings, look to use outcome measurements to improve efficacy, look for quantifiable results and return on investment (ROI) and measure modality outcomes as well as the impact of psychological intervention versus medication,” she says.

Amanda also reminds affiliate counsellors that all EAPs will have reporting requirements for them and these will vary between EAPs and sometimes even between different EAP contracts.

“Affiliates may need to apply different types of reporting for the EAPs in which they work. However, understanding that EAP providers will be required to report statistical data, usage rates, presenting issues and other client demographics to the EAP client and realising this data will assist the organisation to see the benefits and ROI to both employer and employees, is really important for counsellors.”

You can read the full article in the Spring issue of ‘Counselling at Work’, the quarterly journal of the BACP Workplace division. To find out more about the journal and to subscribe, go to

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