70% of employers say EAPs are most valuable health and wellbeing benefit

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70% of employers say EAPs are most valuable health and wellbeing benefit

New research by Hargreaves Lansdown reveals that 70% of employers believe that an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) is the most valuable health and wellbeing benefit.

“This finding is certainly welcomed by the EAP industry and is supported by our own research, undertaken by the Work Foundation (2016), that more and more organisations (67%) are using EAPs as part of their health and wellbeing plans. Among HR professionals, EAPs are perceived as important in delivering a personal and professional source of support that, crucially, is independent from the workplace.

“However, although EAPs have become established as a reassuring support service that is operating in the background of an organisation, it’s important that, looking forward, EAP providers focus on the development of their role as a strategic partner for health and wellbeing that can deliver return on investment and contribute valuable intelligence to cultural and structural workplace issues that can reduce engagement, stress, sickness absence and promote wellbeing.

“The UK EAPA’s investment in additional research in partnership with the Institute for Employment Studies will further help the industry to understand more about the return on investment in EAPs which, we believe, will enable even more employers to regard EAPs as the most valuable health and wellbeing benefit,” commented Neil Mountford, chair of the UK Employee Assistance Professionals Association.

More information on the Hargreaves Lansdown study, which surveyed 349 UK employers, can be seen here.



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