Employee Assistance Programmes are becoming an anywhere, anytime benefit

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Employee Assistance Programmes are becoming an anywhere, anytime benefit

Last week, UK EAPA chair, Neil Mountford wrote for the Reward and Employee Benefits Association (REBA) about the latest trends in EAP. In the article, Neil discusses how EAP continues to evolves to meet the changing needs of workplaces and employees and how this can make a real difference to performance.

“The biggest impact is in a re-positioning of how an EAP is used, away from the last resort for serious issues and concerns towards being a more everyday source of advice and support – less the counsellor and more a friendly colleague who has the right answers,” he explains.

The article highlights examples from EAPA members to demonstrate how this is working in practice such as Health Assured’s evolving Health e-Hub, which delivers support videos and webinars on demand; mini Health and Wellbeing checks; online Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and interactive engagement features like four week wellbeing challenges. These are all linked back to relevant EAP services as needed.

Another example is the LifeWorks app, which is based on the principle of prevention first. By being proactive in offering preventative check-up ‘life support’ services, a far higher proportion of staff initially sign up and begin to access the personalised ‘health coaching’ resources on offer.

Read the article in full here.

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