AGM & Branch Meeting Minutes

AGM & Branch Meeting Minutes

Here you can find links to AGM and branch meeting minutes and speaker presentations, as well as information from other events. If you have any issue downloading any of these files, please email

December 2018Branch Meeting Minutes

September 2018Branch Meeting Minutes

June 2018Speaker Notes – Nick Pahl, CEO of the Society of Occupational Medicine

June 2018Speaker Presentation – Nick Pahl, CEO of the Society of Occupational Medicine

June 2018Branch Meeting Minutes

March 2018AGM Minutes

December 2017Branch Meeting Minutes

December 2017Speaker Notes – Professor Steven Bevan

September 2017Branch Meeting Minutes

June 2017Branch Meeting Minutes

December 2016Branch Meeting Minutes

December 2016Speaker Presentation – Gary Shipsey, Protecture

September 2016Branch Meeting Minutes

September 2016Speaker Presentation – Dirk Hansen / Derek Irwin, GamCare

September 2016Speaker Notes – Dirk Hansen / Derek Irwin, GamCare

June 2016Branch Meeting Minutes

June 2016Speaker Notes – Scott Lichtenstein / Paul Aitken, Personal Values in Occupational Health

March 2016AGM Minutes

December 2015 – Branch Meeting Minutes

December 2015Speaker Notes – Jane Clack, PayPlan

September 2015Branch Meeting Minutes

September 2015Speaker Presentation, Mark Brayne

June 2015Branch Meeting Minutes

June 2015Speaker Presentation – Richard Frost, Mindful Employer

June 2015Speaker Notes – Richard Frost, Mindful Employer

March 2015AGM Minutes

March 2015 – AGM Speaker Presentation – Cheryl Cates, Head of Operational Services (Criminal Casework), Home Office

January 2015Fit for Work Session Notes – Event held in conjunction with COHPA

December 2014Branch Meeting Minutes

December 2014Speaker Presentation – ‘A past, present and future of taking notice’, Maudsley Learning

September 2014Branch Meeting Minutes

September 2014Speaker Presentation – ‘How coaching can be used in the EAP setting’, Veronica Lysaght, BACP

June 2014Branch Meeting Minutes

June 2014Speaker Presentation – ‘Use of technology in online counselling’, Dr. Kate Anthony

March 2014AGM Minutes

March 2014Speaker Presentation – ‘HR’s sleeping tiger’, Chris Minett, Ageing Works

December 2013Branch Meeting Minutes

December 2013Speaker Presentation – ‘Promoting happiness and wellbeing at work’, Graham Randles, NEF Consulting

December 2013Speaker Presentation – CAADV

September 2013Branch Meeting Minutes

September 2013Branch Meeting Presentation – ‘DBS is the new CRB’, Eugene Farrell

June 2013Branch Meeting Minutes

March 2013AGM Minutes

March 2013AGM Speaker Presentation – CNHC

December 2012Branch Meeting Minutes

September 2012Branch Meeting Minutes

September 2012Speaker Presentation – Kate Nowlan, EAEF

June 2012Branch Meeting Minutes

March 2012AGM Minutes

December 2011Branch Meeting Minutes

October 2011Branch Meeting Minutes

June 2011Branch Meeting Minutes

June 2011Speaker Presentation (1) – Mind’s Campaign for Mental Wellbeing at Work

June 2011Speaker Presentation (2) – Mind Week 2011

March 2011AGM Minutes

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