New book on men’s mental health published today

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New book on men’s mental health published today

Today sees the publication of a new book, Positive Male Mind,  which aims to inspire positive dialogue around male mental health in a way that is practical and helps to address this taboo topic in the personal and corporate spheres. While it is geared towards a male audience, the book will also help friends, colleagues, and partners to support and aid their male relatives and friends with solutions, advice and tips for better wellbeing.

Written by leading experts on the topic, EAPA’s Andrew Kinder and Dr. Shaun Davis, Global Director of Safety, Health, Wellbeing and Sustainability at Royal Mail, the book seeks to end the stigma around mental health vulnerability in men.

“We all have a male friend who has suffered mental health issues. Often this may have been exacerbated by their work, their work did not understand or support them, or (by contrast), perhaps their work helped them. Many do not know that, every day, Occupational Health professionals support men who are struggling with anxiety and depression at work. I encourage all organizations to take steps to invest in occupational health. We know, from our evidence reviews that this will lead to more productive workplaces that attract the most talented employees. Read this book to find out more!” said Nick Pahl, CEO, Society of Occupational Medicine.

Mental health problems affect 1 in 4, and while many suffer from it, few seek help or speak about it, especially men who are less likely than women, as they find it difficult to feel ‘vulnerable’.

“I am pleased to recommend this text, written by authoritative and highly experienced authors on this important topic. I spent over 20 years working with Royal Mail’s workforce and have since worked in many industries with predominantly male workforces. Mental ill health is common and is something that we should not be afraid to talk about, however, many men find this difficult! I welcome this book and congratulate the authors in contributing to improving men’s health,” said Dr. Steven Boorman, CBE, Director Employee Health, Empactis.

EAPA UK is delighted to extend a special discount to members. The book can be purchased here using the code: POSITIVE35.


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