Support employees to avoid the temptation to ‘catastrophise’ Brexit

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Support employees to avoid the temptation to ‘catastrophise’ Brexit

In the latest issue of theHRDIRECTOR, UK Employee Assistance Professionals Association Chair, Andrew Kinder, discusses the importance of supporting employees as we embark on the challenging and unfamiliar road to Brexit.

He says: “Without support there is the potential for employees to ‘catastrophise’ Brexit, where they start to think negatively about the impact and future, almost before the full picture has been revealed. Here, they will respond emotionally and negatively until their outlook only see catastrophe, rather than opportunity. To prevent this ‘awfulisatin’ of events, Brexit should instead be positioned as an opportunity to build resilience among employees and within organisations.”

Andrew Kinder goes on to emphasise: “What matters is that the organisation’s leaders and its employees don’t fall into negative cycles of thinking, expecting the worst, making rash decisions, causing or exacerbating problems which act a as justification of the negativity. We should be mindful that the workplace is uniquely placed to provide some of the support and reassurance that people need at this time, through the provision of employee support and counselling, to give a space for employees to express what can’t be expressed elsewhere.”

The January 2017 issue of theHRDIRECTOR is out now. Read more at

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