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UK EAPA commissions research into UK EAP market

Written by Vicky Mulchinock on . Posted in ROI

UK EAPA commissions research into UK EAP market


In partnership with Lancaster University’s The Work Foundation, the UK Employee Assistance Professionals Association has begun research into the EAP market and an employer’s return on investment in employee assistance.


“With half the UK workforce having access to an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP), it is inevitable that EAPs play a significant role in supporting the health of the nation. These programmes are a natural choice for employers that want to support good employee health and wellbeing and EAPs have been recognised by Government as an important initiative that can help employers to effectively manage sickness absence,” says Andrew Kinder, Chair of the UK Employee Assistance Professionals Association.


Professor Steven Bevan from Lancaster University’s The Work Foundation said: “While more employers are seeing the sense of investing in workplace health and wellbeing interventions, many remain unclear about which of them are value for money. In this study we hope to build up an objective picture of the role and value of EAPs in the UK today.”


The EAP market in the UK has grown significantly in recent years; latest research from the UK EAPA (Market Watch, 2013) estimates the market has grown by 69% since 2008. However, to better understand the current market and impact of EAPs in today’s workplace, the UK EAPA is leading and funding this extensive industry research project.


“Members of the UK EAPA support millions of workers and their commitment to fund this extensive research project shows their confidence in the impact and reach of the EAP market in the UK,” adds Andrew Kinder.


Led by Lancaster University’s The Work Foundation, this research will involve interviews with employers that currently commission an EAP, as well as those who do not currently buy one. If you would like to be involved in the study please email to register your interest.

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