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Therapy Today publishes UK EAPA response – In defence of EAPs…

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Therapy Today publishes UK EAPA response – In defence of EAPs…

The UK EAP market has changed in recent years, becoming more competitive, welcoming a number of new entrants and marking a noticeable shift in the way EAPs are sold, bought and promoted by organisations.

In a letter published in Therapy Today, Andrew Kinder, on behalf of the Board of the UK Employee Assistance Professionals Association, responds to a contributor’s letter about current EAP provision.

In his response, the UK EAPA Chair says:

“The UK Employee Assistance Professionals Association (EAPA) was established by the EAP industry to represent the interests of those working in the employee assistance field and to promote the highest standards of practice in EAP delivery. Since the industry is not formally regulated, it is important that buyers of these services carefully choose the right EAP that meets their needs. EAPA has taken an active role to help educate buyers and has published a variety of documents to assist purchasers in making an informed choice, all of which are available to download, free of charge…,

“EAPs have become a vital part of an employer’s toolkit to support and nurture the psychological health of employees and this privileged position is underlined by the ‘Health at Work – an independent review of sickness absence’ report (Dame Carol Black and David Frost CBE, November 2011), which emphasised the positive impact that EAPs can have when it comes to supporting the mental health of organisations and their employees…

“Yet, rightly so, this position can only be maintained if the unique relationship between EAP provider, employer, counsellor and client is nurtured and maintained and that the needs of the individual employees remain central in the planning, promotion and delivery of services.”

You can read a copy of the full response here.

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