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EAP Market Watch Report Published

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EAP Market Watch Report Published

The UK Employee Assistance Professionals Association has published the first EAP Market Watch report that reviews the reach and coverage of EAPs in the UK.

“EAPs play a significant role in supporting the health of the nation and this new report estimates that half the UK workforce – that’s 13.8 million people – are supported by an EAP today. These programmes deliver valuable support, information and assistance to employees and have been recognised by Government as being an important wellbeing initiative that can help employers to effectively manage sickness absence,” says Andrew Kinder, Chair of the UK Employee Assistance Professionals Association (UK EAPA).

“EAPs are a natural choice for employers who want to support good employee health and wellbeing and with continued investment from providers in new technology, employees can expect to see increasing levels of choice and accessibility when it comes to ways that they can source information and services,” says Paul Roberts from Enlighten, who carried out the study on behalf of the UK EAPA.

Key findings from the EAP Market Watch include:

  • Today the EAP sector is worth £69.13 million.
  • Since 2008, the EAP market in the UK has grown by 69%. At this time just 8.2 million employees were Supported by an EAP.
  • 23 of the top 25 companies listed in the 2013 Sunday Times Best Companies offer their employees an EAP.
  • The average annual cost of a full service EAP for a company of 100 employees is £14 per person.
  • The average utilisation of an EAP – including online services – is around 10% with 16% considered to be high utilisation of a programme and 2% to be considered low.

“It is very significant to note that according to the Enlighten research, 77% of the UK EAP market is served by Registered External Provider members of the UK EAPA. These members have met strict criteria relating to EAP standards, professional practice and delivery and it’s encouraging that the vast majority of employers in the UK are committed to offering high quality, rigorous EAPs to their employees,” adds Andrew Kinder.

Download your copy of the EAP Market Watch Report here.

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