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UK EAPA and The Work Foundation research papers now available to download

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UK EAPA & The Work Foundation research papers available to download

The UK Employee Assistance Professionals Association’s (UK EAPA) recently published research report into the evolution of EAPs, investigating the use, impact and reach of EAPs in today’s organisations is now available to download, free of charge, from the Association’s website.

In the study, HR managers pointed to an ongoing stigma associated with the EAP, as a counselling service primarily for staff with mental health issues, limiting the use of the wider EAP service among employees. Low-level promotion of EAPs and the scope of services available is also thought to be restricting use of services for anything other than crises and situations already at a serious stage.

To access your copy of the report, click here.

Employee Assistance Programmes – supporting good work for employers? is the full report from The Work Foundation. This piece of research was commissioned by UK EAPA to help further our understanding of the role of EAPs in the workplace, discuss how EAPs are perceived and valued by staff and whether there is any evidence that calculations of economic utility are undertaken.

To download a copy of The Work Foundation report, click here.


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