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Time to Talk about mental health

Written by Vicky Mulchinock on . Posted in mental health, News

Time to Talk about mental health

We know that there’s no perfect time or place to talk about mental health, but we also know that conversations change lives. Encouraging friends, colleagues and family members to speak out is what Time To Talk day is all about and we applaud this campaign which aims to help destigmatise mental health in our society and in our workplaces.

“And when it comes to developing a mental health strategy, EAPA UK encourages employers to talk to their EAP providers about the wide variety of services and support available. The first step should be identifying the issues that are preventing the organisation from managing mental health and EAP providers can play an important role in this by carrying out risk assessments, stress audits and working with employers to develop the overall strategy. The second step is around training and coaching for line managers and again many EAP providers will offer services specifically targeted at line managers designed to help them better understand and manage mental health in the workplace. And finally, employers can offer support to their employees experiencing mental health issues by providing access to an EAPs counselling service.

“All too often EAPs are seen only as a counselling service for employees but this is just one part of the support and services that EAPs can offer to employers. So make time to talk to your EAP partner about all the different ways in which they can support mental health in the workplace and maximise opportunities to tap into this often underused and untapped expertise,” said Neil.

Read more about how EAPs can support mental health at work in one of our latest EAPA UK factsheets here.

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