Third of UK workers say their employer has no interest in their mental health

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Third of UK workers say their employer has no interest in their mental health

 New research from management services firm, ADP reveals that a 31% of workers say their employer has little or no interest in their mental health, despite the fact that 20% are stressed out on a daily basis, and for almost 33% of workers, the issue is so bad that they’re considering looking for a new role.

According to the study of nearly 1,300 workers, workplace stress peaks amongst younger employees with 22% of workers under 35 saying they experience stress every day and 42% saying that it is so bad, they’re considering jumping ship. This contrasts with only 19% and 26% respectively for those over 35 who feel this way suggesting employees may become better at managing stress as they get older.

“Awareness by employers of the impact of mental health issues in the workplace is increasing as the issue has received greater attention in the mainstream press. However, responses are still variable and more work needs to be done to educate employers on the strategies they should be adopting to build a healthy mental health culture within their organisations.

“Staff becoming ill through stress often leads to employee absence and a high staff turnover, neither of which are good for business. Employers need to focus on the fundamentals, building a culture that recognises the importance of mental health and assigns it the same priority as physical health and safety.  Education is key, both for managers and employees. It is important that employees should not feel inhibited about raising these issues with their managers, and feel confident that their concerns will be received sympathetically, appropriate action will be taken and there will be no negative impact on the organisation’s assessment of their performance or opportunities for advancement.

“EAPs have been a longstanding workplace benefit focusing on mental health, but often remain poorly promoted and under-utilised. When developing a wellbeing strategy, we urge employers to work in partnership with their EAP to better integrate the EAP with the other health and wellness services and benefits they provide and emphasise a holistic approach,” said Neil Mountford, chair of the UK Employee Assistance Professionals Association.


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