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UK EAPA  – The Employee Assistance Professionals Association is a not-for-profit organisation that represents the interests of individuals and organisations concerned with employee assistance, psychological health and wellbeing in the UK.

Members include external and internal EAP providers, purchasers, counsellors, consultants and trainers working in the field of employee health and wellbeing.

Our mission is to promote the highest standards of practice and the continuing development of employee assistance programmes (EAPs) in the UK and the Association exists to:

  • Support and promote the EAP industry in the UK.
  • Promote the development of the employee assistance profession.
  • Develop, maintain and apply standards of practice, guidelines and a code of ethics to members.

UK EAPA was established in 1998 and follows EAPA global standards that are adapted local to the UK market; this makes the UK EAPA Standards of Professional Practice the only credible set of standards to which EAP providers operate.

The Association represents the UK EAP industry to government and other professional bodies and actively takes part in consultation and as providing commentary to the media on mental health and work related issues.

The UK EAPA is a branch of EAPA International based in the USA. EAPA International is the dominant professional body for Employee Assistance Professionals that sets standards, discipline and ethics across the globe, as well as being an accrediting professional body for EAP practice through the CEAP qualification. For more information on EAPA International go to www.eap-association.org.


What is an EAP?

An EAP is a strategic and cost-effective workplace programme that is designed to assist productivity and attendance issues within the workplace and support employees to identify and resolve personal concerns that may affect job performance.

These issues might include health, marital, family, financial, alcohol, drug, legal, emotional, stress, or other personal issues.

EAPs act as a gateway to a wide range of services and support functions, including:images6

  • Counselling and other short-term psychological services
  • Money advice and debt management
  • Child and eldercare information services
  • Legal information and guidance
  • Information on emotional, work-life and workplace issues
  • Management referrals and support.
  • Management information on interventions

Over the years EAPs have become an integral tool in an organisation’s attempts to engage employees and support the health and wellbeing of its workforce. In fact, the latest independent research commissioned by EAPA UK (2008) reveals that 5200 organisations – representing over 8.2 million employees – now enjoy the services of an EAP.

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