Find an EAP provider

Find an EAP provider

There are various membership categories that UK EAPA members can choose to subscribe to:

  • Registered EAP Provider are organisations that have met strict criteria relating to EAP standards, professional practice and delivery.
  • Non-Registered EAP Provider are organisations that do not wish to be registered or are unable to satisfy UK EAPA’s requirements for registration.
  • Consultant Members are EAP consultant organisations, intermediaries and brokers.
  • Associate Members include companies specialising in subjects relevant to EAPs, such as alcohol and drug services, health advisory services, financial services that are relevant to the workplace.

Names of current Registered EAP Provider, Non-Registered EAP Provider and Consultant Members are listed below and you can download contact details for these organisations here. This document was updated on 8 February 2018.

To find out more about the services offered by our current members, please contact each organisation directly. All current members hold a UK EAPA Membership Certificate that can confirm their current membership status.

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Registered EAP Providers

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