Employee Assistance Programmes (EAPs) are the most common workforce mental health intervention in the UK. With close to half of the workforce, a total of almost 14m workers, having access to an EAP by their employer. Despite EAPs huge popularity and the faith that so many employers place in EAP, few providers or clients are able to collect systematic EAP evaluation data.

In a 2016 EAPA-funded review of current usage in the UK (Bajorek, 2016) The Work Foundation. It found that there are a number of methodological barriers to conducting detailed and systematic evaluations of Return On Investment. And it suggested that most EAPs, at minimum, covered their costs and that more work could be conducted to identify the main components of both costs and benefits at employer level. Following that, EAPA asked the Institute for Employment Studies (IES) to carry out further applied research drawing on the Work Foundation analysis to create the EAP Calculator tool.

Use the EAP Calculator and ROI Tool

EAPA contributing partners

EAPA would like to expressly thank the contributing partners for the time and resources committed to create the EAP calculator tool and the ongoing support of the UK EAPA.

The EAP ROI tool follows the November 2016 report  –  that was funded through contributions with EAPA partners and was led by Paul Roberts UK EAPA executive board member.

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The impact of EAP

EAPA set out with IES our research partner to understand the use, impact and reach of an EAP in today’s organisations.

Professor Stephen Bevan conducted the new research for IES during 2017-2018

Institute of Employment Studies

IES is a well-respected research organisation. IES mission is to help bring about sustainable improvements in employment policy and human resource management. It does this through its research and consultancy work. And by increasing the understanding and improving the practice of key decision-makers in the private and public sectors. Crucial to the Institute’s mission is that it should inform; those who directly commission our research and consultancy, the wider community of policy writers and decision-makers. This provides the Institute with a strong motivation to publish and disseminate the findings of its work.

A summary of their reports can be found on the IES site, click here

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