Executive Committee & Structure



The UK EAPA Board is the governing and policy making body of the Association and has responsibility for supervising the activities of the UK EAPA.

Eugene Farrell, chair (elected)

  • Eugene is Mental Health Lead at AXA Health.

Andrew Kinder, vice chair (elected)

  • Andrew is Professional Head of Mental Health for OH Assist and Optima.


  • current vacancy

Catherine Betley, secretary (elected)

  • Catherine is the Founder of Professional Help.

Karl Bennett, committee member

  • Karl is Business Development Director at Care First. 

Samantha Duncan, committee member

  • Samantha is a Clinical Psychologist at United States of Guernsey

Emelina Ellis, committee member

  • Emelina is the Clinical Excellence Lead at Spectrum.Life 

Harry Key, committee member

  • Harry is Head of Global Specialist Services at CiC.

Paul Roberts, committee member

  • Paul is the founder EAP consultant of Enlighten.

Steven Stanbury, committee member

  • Steven is the founder of and MD of Wellbeing Solutions

Bertrand Stern-Gillet, committee member

  • Bertrand is CEO & Board Director at Health Assured

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